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About Me

About Me

My approach to family photography is simple, natural and intimate. I pride myself on capturing those fluttering moments which define the essence of connection. No two photographs are identical and I ensure this by sharing the rich character of each personality and raw emotion.  

Children have a quintessential innocence which makes them adorable subjects for my lens. As their youthful charm doesn't last forever, I aim to freeze a time capsule of those candid glimpses and special moments you share with them. 

I understand the challenges of getting our kids to focus for an extended period of time. When booking in a session I always accommodate your little ones’ schedule and during shoot take short breaks to ensure we make it an enjoyable and relaxing experience for the whole family.

While I am primarily based in Caulfield and South Eastern Suburbs we can arrange your session  anywhere in Melbourne. You can either choose your favorite park, outdoor spot or indoor area that is special to you or opt for a Studio session if that's the look you are after. I have portable studio which can easily be set up in the comfort of your home or mine. I usually recommend the outdoor environment if you are after a more natural setting which often lends itself to producing more organic and candid photographs.