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1. What should I wear?

I always suggest the family come dressed in a similar colour palette of your choice. Plain coloured clothing always works best in shoots eg. denim and solid coloured shirt. Avoid heavy logo or patterned clothing. Feel free to bring that special outfit for single portraits for yourself / kids.

2. How long will the session take?

The session usually takes approx 1.5 hours for Package 1 and approx 2 hours for Package 2, however this does vary between clients. There is no session fee so you don't have to feel rushed. It will take around 15 mins for me to set up the portable backdrop if you choose to set it up in your home.

3. What if I can't  arrive on the day I booked?

Please call me as soon as possible if you need to reschedule. I'm usually very flexible and we will together to find a more suitable date.

4. How do I select my photographs?

Your photos will be made available within 1 week on a secure platform under Client Access. I will email you your password and you can select your favourite photos which I will further edit.

5. Do I need to pay a deposit at the time of booking?

Yes. When you have selected your package, a $100 deposit is required to secure the booking which can paid via Paypal to jarrodfreedman@gmail.com or direct deposit (please email me to request my details).

6. Can I bring snacks for my kids?

 Of course feel free to bring snacks along which you can give out as treats once the shoot is done. We wouldn't want crumby smiles or food spillage onto your clothes. 

7. Can I bring props along with me to use during the shoot?

Of course. I would be delighted to include any props you bring along.

8. How long do orders take to complete?

Once you have selected your favourite photograpshs, average turn around is 10 working days.

9. How will my photographs be delivered?

I will supply you with a USB which will contain your full-edited photos in both high resolution and low resolution (for sharing via social platforms)

If you have any questions or discuss absolutely anything about the shoot, please drop me message or give me a ring.